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About Us

Green Eco Solar Tech Private Limited We are into Solar PV system installations/supplies business. Our future plan is to be within the first 5 of Sri Lankan Solar Installation Companies. Our technical team has experience over 10 years in solar installations.

Strategy & Market Entry

We help clients to create market entry plans and to provide insight regarding geographic markets, market segments opportunities, product modifications and competitiveness, partnerships and acquisitions

Business Model Development

Our team of professionals works with investor-owned and publicly owned utilities to evaluate and develop approaches for incorporating business opportunities. We help clients to identify business model options, analyse which option best serves the client’s goals, and develop detailed business plans.

Rubber & Commodities

Naeem Rubber Shippers Private Limited (NRS) are leaders in Agro products (Rubber, food items and animal feed), Petroleum products, Vehicles, Airline spare parts and Airline tyres

Solar and Wind

Green Eco Solar Tech Private Limited (GEST) are leaders in solar energy consulting, including photovoltaics (PV), Off Grid systems with batteries, Grid Tied. Our clients include Eco Hotels/Resorts, private companies, Homes who turn to us for support for critical business and other requirement. Our experts work with clients though the lifecycle of their business and program needs.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

We at GEST are passionate about contributing to a world, which does not depend on power from fossil fuels. Our main aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across Sri Lanka to conserve our environment and provide as environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict free power supply.



GREEN ECO SOLAR TECH - To ensure that solar energy is the leading contributor to Sri Lanka's energy system.



GREEN ECO SOLAR TECH –To develop solar power through investment in efficient and profitable solar systems to reduce the cost of foreign exchange reserves.



      • Responsibility to the consumers, colleagues and partners for delivering the objectives of Green Eco Solar Tech.
      • Creativity bringing the most creative solutions to the energy challenges faced by society today.
      • Dynamism embracing flexibility to work seamlessly on different topics and issues, building transferable skills to meet the needs of Green Eco Solar Tech membership.
      • Enthusiasm delivering work outcomes above and beyond the expected call of duty through enthusiastically going the extra mile to achieve objectives of Green Eco Solar Tech.
      • Respect the needs of consumers, members, colleagues and for cultural diversity.

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